Decades of Experience

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Chris Churchill

President / Founder 

Chris has over 30 years of retail and e-commerce experience and a track record of leveraging marketing technology and measuring marketing effectiveness with direct response metrics. As technology changes, so does consumer behavior. Chris relies on vision and research to stay ahead of the trends to reach consumers with the right message at the right time.

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Erin Harding

Account Manager

Erin has over ten years of experience in marketing and advertising as an account manager. From email and social media campaigns to real-estate and e-commerce, Erin has seen it all. Erin is always on and puts her clients needs first. When it comes to 24/7 services, Erin is the best!  

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Fritz Rollins

Lead Technologist 

Fritz has over 25 years of startup experience running business operations for leading technology companies, including, Travelzoo,, and Townsquare Media. With his vast knowledge of the MarTech ecosystem, Fritz is able to design, integrate, and maintain the technology that will automate your marketing efforts. 

Our Philosophy and Services

Building a business on the pillars of Customer Service, Product Knowledge, Quality, and Whimsy is always a winning formula. But, as always, easier said than done. 


Chris's Journey

Chris is a third-generation Marketer. Nearly 90 years ago, his grandfather, Arthur Churchill, began a 30-year-long advertising career in Manhattan, at Donahoe & Co., representing such notable clients as Dr. Scholls, Angustura Bitters and Carolina Long-Grain Rice. Chris’s mother, Mary Churchill, was a pioneer in the Public Relations Industry, starting with Grey Advertising and eventually becoming Sr VP of Corporate Communications at J Walter Thompson Worldwide. It was inevitable that Chris would follow in their paths.


Arthur Churchill

Mary Churchill

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He began his westward journey by moving to Aspen after finishing college. He soon became a co-owner of a sporting goods store called The Alternative Edge, where his passion for retail marketing and technology began. He soon learned EXCEL and began to implement the newly evolving Barcode technology. By 1994, Chris’s store received Aspen’s Small Business of the Year Award, followed by his recognition as Retailer of the Year by the Ski Industry of America (SIA) in 1995. The next year brought Chris the Simpson Award for excellence, for his mail order catalog.

His years in Aspen brought Chris into contact with Bill Joy, who employed a think-tank of lovable geeks to work on a top-secret new computer language called JAVA. The World Wide Web had just been born and they were eager to test out JAVA on it, eventually leading to the creations of JPEGS and HTML language, used in the conversion beautiful Kodak slides and Word Perfect documents. This was only 1996 and his sales were flourishing through the use of these newly found tools of technology!

Chris’s transcontinental journey to the West Coast, and his eventual founding of Advanced Targeting Agency, culminated during his 1997 visit to the SF Bay Area. There he met like-minded e-commerce zealots and knew that he had found his home. Upon his return to Colorado, Aspen Sport offered to buy Alternative Edge, which Chris jumped on. He took the website he had created to a flat in Sausalito, with easy access to Silicon Valley – the place to be for technology advances. It turned out to be just the right move, because it quickly led to his receipt of an offer from the Sausalito-based marketing company, Cybernautics.

They offered him the position of media planner on their client, REI’s, newly created website, believing that Chris would be a good fit. And he was. From there, his creation of Advanced Targeting Agency was inevitable, as Chris continues to grow and expand his technology presence in the Bay Area’s marketing world.


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